Hospitality Studies
Mixed media artworks explore and exalt the paint of being between home and destination, Material vocabulary for these works are culled from halfway points such as duty free stores, gift shops, and hotel lobbies. These works with Casino Studies formed the basis of the Dudley Suites project.

Hospitality Study (Swan), 2017, Cotton towel, mint chocolate candy, velvet pillow, faux rose petals

Hospitality Study (Cabbage), 2017, Toilet paper, white glue, acrylic paint, solid lotion, wooden support

Treat Day, 2017, Starbucks Frappucino cup, cotton-blend paper, grosgrain ribbon, acrylic paint, spray paint, epoxy resin

Hospitality Study (Briefs), 2017, Cotton briefs with painted waistband, inkjet print on cotton-blend illustration board

Hospitality Study (Gold Card), 2017, Laminated inkjet print, hardcoat covered foam, acrylic paint, cotton-blend illustration board

Coffee Mugs, 2018, Mixed media on cermaic coffee mugs